Special Call for Submissions: Shelved

We’re working from home, meeting online, and homeschooling. Our shopping trips take place almost exclusively online, we’re planning and planting victory gardens… Covid19 has turned our lives upside down like it or not. Plans have changed, our routines have been disrupted, so much has been, well, shelved. Shelved. Yes, shelved. This is the theme of Mountain Gap Books’ first pandemic anthology. Shelved stories revived and completed, essays written because everything else was shelved, poetry crafted to stave off the Covid stress demons. Show us your Appalachian resilience and adaptability. Show us how you’ve used being shelved to your advantage. However your submission might be directly or indirectly related to this pandemic, we want to see it.

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Haints and Hollers Official Press Release


Jonesborough Area Authors Featured in

Haints and Hollers: New Ghost Tales of Appalachia Anthology

Jonesborough, TN, 9/17/2019 – Mountain Gap Books, a Jonesborough, Tennessee, publisher, is proud to announce the upcoming release of its sixth title, Haints and Hollers: New Ghost Tales of Appalachia, an anthology featuring nine Appalachian authors, six of whom are from the Northeast Tennessee region. The authors include: Jeanne G’Fellers (Jonesborough, TN), Deborah Marshall (Greeneville, SC), Brenda M. G’Fellers (Jonesborough, TN), Rebecca Lynn (Apalachin, NY), Sarah Elizabeth (Johnson City, TN), Jules Corriere (Jonesborough, TN), Anne G’Fellers-Mason (Jonesborough, TN), Kristin Pearson (Afton, TN), and Edward Karshner (Oberlin, OH).

Haints and Hollers is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers (links below). Mountain Gap Books and six of the anthology’s authors will be appearing at The Corner Cup in Jonesborough, Tennessee, from 2-4 p.m. on September 21st to celebrate the anthology’s September 23rd release, and prerelease copies of Haints and Hollers will be available at special pricing. The authors will sign books, talk with readers, and will gladly answer questions about their stories.

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SHORT BLURB: Thirteen plus one short tales by nine different Appalachian authors, an uprooting of tradition with another just for fun. A strong mix of history, speculation, and, perhaps, a wee bit of fear. These hills are listenin’, child, so come sit a spell. You’ll hear tales you ain’t before; dark yahoos, wishes gone wrong, veil walkers, and someone’s head might well roll. Ain’t nothin’ really, just a few new stories you can take back to the holler and share with you and yours. Maybe they’ll shiver. Maybe you will too. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll hug someone tight when things get scary enough.

This is an anthology of nontraditional Appalachian ghost tales (not horror stories). It’s not that we don’t like the classics. Rather, we’re ready for something new.