The Summer Between

By Anne G’Fellers-Mason

$16.95 paperback

$2.99 ebook

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When I was eighteen years old, I knew everything there was to know about anything ever in the history of the entire world. I thought I was a genuine, Stephen Hawking-level genius. My entire life stretched ahead of me, and everything I’d ever wanted was going to be handed to me on a silver platter carried by admiring angels who’d ask, in dulcet tones, “Brendon, how’d you get to be so cool?”

I also thought I was immortal.

Thank God for summer break, for those ten weeks between high school and college when life took me roughly by the collar, shook me hard, and said with a deep, guttural laugh, “Buckle up, kid, ‘cause I’m drivin’, and you don’t know squat.”


A fun read about that gap between high school and college. Anne does a good job creating interesting characters you want to know more about. – Goodreads


I really enjoyed this book. It was funny, flowed nicely, had believable characters and did I mention humour? I had quite a few lol moments but I also cried. Ok, the story is somewhat predicable but I still loved to see Brendan turn from self-centred to realising the world is not always fair, doesn’t own you a living and what really counts in life. – Goodreads


Highly recommend this book!!! – Amazon