Mama, Me, and the Holiday Tree


By Jeanne G’Fellers

Paranormal Fantasy

$6.99 paperback

$2.99 ebook

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A dozen handmade holiday ornaments, that’s all, but it might be an impossible task.

Centenary Rhodes and her mother are at constant odds. It’s one of the many reasons Cent left home when she was eighteen. Mama’s difficult for anyone to manage, but now that Cent’s back home, she has to try. Mama, however, won’t acknowledge who Cent’s become, even though she’s repeatedly been shown the truth.

It’ll take more than popcorn strings and paper snowflakes to heal the rift that’s formed between Cent and Mama. It’s going to take bushels of patience, heaps of magic, and assistance from everyone on both sides of Embreeville Mountain to reset the Balance between them

But with Yule and Christmas just around the corner, it might already be too late.


I loved this novella – it’s a perfect festive follow-up to Cleaning House (Appalachian Elementals #1).

Lest I get bogged down in rambling, specifically, I loved:
– the Yule celebration – party around a fire, magic folks and humans, so beautifully described;
– the Christmas meal – I may have shed a happy tear at Psalm 23;
– Dane. Unexpectedly. I couldn’t stand her in book one. (Great job, Jeanne G’Fellers!)

Family can be hard, especially where mental health and multiple faiths come into play, which they do for many of us, and I really like the way the author handles these. Cent’s reactions to her mother are…authentic, for want of a better word. We’re in Cent’s head, and she doesn’t realise that, at times, she overreacts, but those who love her see it and rally to support Cent and her mother.

Appalachian Elementals has a bisexual protagonist and lots of non-binary, gender-neutral characters – I need to mention this because there are so few books with decent representation and readers who need to stories about ‘their people’, but this is absolutely a story for *anyone* who loves fantasy with elemental magic. – Author Debbie McGowan


Wonderful book that explores relationships between mothers and daughters, with a few complications thrown in. Not out of the ordinary you say. It is when those complications include magic, past lives, elementals, rough pasts, mental illness etc. Ties well with the first book in the series, filling in some of the characters along the way. Excellent portrayal of the pressures we all have during the holidays with a little spice. Recommend this novella highly. – Goodreads